Our company

Our company

Tapetex designs, produces and distributes woven and nonwoven textile wallcoverings for the international contract market and the higher end of the residential market.

We believe it is expertise, craftsmanship and focus that makes the difference. This is what we have passed on within our family since 1975 from generation to generation.

At the same time we pass on our passion for the subtle richness of the natural materials we use.

It allows us to assist the international interior design community to turn a space into a perfect living or working environment, whether as a background or a statement.

At Tapetex we did built our company on worldwide partnerships, with leading distributors and importers, so that we can grow together with our partners in long lasting alliances. With these partners we have managed to create a presence in over 70 countries worldwide.

In addition to the head office in Helmond, The Netherlands, where all manufacturing and stock is concentrated, Tapetex has a supporting sales office in the USA, Tapetex USA Inc.

Tapetex is known for her innovative production of natural raw materials, the trouble-free quality and the ability to ship even large quantities from the central stock at the factory in Helmond immediately.

This is the reason we have grown to become "Masters in Textile Wallcovering".

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Our production

Our production is fortunate to have a dedicated staffing, experienced in working with primarily natural fibres like linen, silk, wool, cotton, etc.
All designs are created for the sole purpose of wallcovering by our in-house design team. The plain flat wovens, dobby's, jacquards and nonwovens are converted through a wide variety of finishing machinery into beautiful creations.

Spread over three production halls, our textile and nonwoven qualities are shaped with a great number of finishing possibilities: dyeing, conventional, digital and 3D printing, embossing, flock, laser cutting, crushing, laminating and the application of different coatings and metallics.

In combination with this state of the art machinery, the passion of our people produces the best in textile wallcovering and they can call themselves truly "Masters in Textile Wallcovering".

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Our location

Tapetex has its headquarters in Helmond. The history of Helmond goes back to around 1150 when the first mediaeval square water castle was built. Helmond has always been a textile city and even today there are still some world famous textile mills.

The city of Helmond, with close to 100.000 inhabitants, is located in the province Brabant in the southern part of The Netherlands, approximately 35 kilometres from the German and Belgium border. So very conveniently within one hour drive from the international airports of Amsterdam, Brussels and Düsseldorf, as well as the seaports of Rotterdam and Antwerp. The freight connections by road, sea and air are excellent. Your orders will reach their ultimate destination in time.

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Our sustainability protocol

Sustainable products follow as much as possible the protocols used by plant and animal ecosystems. The main characteristics for sustainable products are:

  • Cyclic

“The flow of materials in nature is cyclic. You never run out of resources. You can harvest agricultural products endless.”

The products of Tapetex are mainly organic materials such as linen, cotton, silk, viscose, sisal and FSC certified woodpulp. Manmade fibres are only used if there at this moment is no alternative in natural materials.

  • Renewable energy

 “The products are manufactured with renewable energy that is cyclic and safe.”

Tapetex uses in the manufacturing only electrical energy generated by wind and hydro power. The natural gas we use is from the Dutch gas reserves.

  • Safe

“All releases to air, water, land or space are food to other systems. Every manufacturing process must be considered and its impact reduced.” 

All manufacturing processes within Tapetex such as dyeing, printing, laminating, finishing, etc., are all totally water based and our products do not contain plasticizers, chlorine, pvc or heavy metals. All waste is separated internally in recyclables and the remainder is disposed of through a professional waste management company.

  • Efficient

“The products in production and use must require less material, less energy and less water than the products did before. Using less is always good.”

This requires within Tapetex a constant monitoring and improvement. Furthermore within the product development we introduced new processes like laser, crushing and embossing which all do not use any chemicals or water. Tapetex will continue to find and offer solutions based upon sustainable design.

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