Despite all efforts, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of colours and sheen effects on your screen.
The display of colour depends on your screen settings, resolution and on the light of the surrounding colours.



70% FSC certified woodpulp, reinforced with 30% polyester.


Paper backing of 70% woodpulp reinforced with 30% polyester.

Width, precision trimmed

137 cm = 54"


Approx. 440 gr/lm = 14.2 oz/lyd.

Surface finish

A stain repellent finish prevents waterbased splashes penetrating and staining the material.

Fire rating

ASTM E84 Class A and EUROCLASS B s2 d0.


From stock by the full linear meter/ yard.

Hanging instructions

On repeat, H 25.6 cm - 10.1" W 23.0 cm - 9.1". Use rubber roller instead of a spatula. Precision trimmed for butt-joining.


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